Construction Industry Scheme

Construction Industry Scheme

ME to stop receiving applications for Construction Industry scheme

Since the amount of aid requested has exceeded the budget allocated to the Construction Industry Scheme, Malta Enterprise has stopped receiving applications for support through the scheme as of today Tuesday 12th January, 2021. The applications received will be evaluated over the coming weeks in line with the Incentive Guidelines.

Prospective applicants can now access answers to a number of Frequently Asked Questions that shall guide them in the process (scroll further for FAQ’s). The Application Form for the ‘Construction industry scheme’ will be available as of tomorrow Friday 4th December at 12 noon.

Interested persons can start compiling the application but submission will be only possible as of next week.

Ahead of submitting the application next week, prospective applicants are encouraged to create a profile through our Client portal that will then enable them to apply for this scheme. For queries regarding the portal please email [email protected] or call 144.

Applications will start being received on Friday 11th December at noon via the Malta Enterprise client portal.

Objective and budget:

– Encourage operators in the construction industry to scrap and replace old machinery / equipment with new equipment that generates less emissions, reduces harmful emissions.

– Businesses engaged in construction activities will also be supported to invest in new equipment that has the sole purpose of reducing the environmentally harmful emissions released by the activity.

– This incentive has an overall budget of €4,000,000.

– Each beneficiary can benefit up to €200,000 in line with de minimis aid.

Eligible activities:

a) Construction of immovable property, excavation and demolition contractors; or

b) Provision (renting) of equipment to businesses engaged in the construction of immovable property, excavation and demolition contractors; or

c) Transportation of material related to the construction of Immovable property, excavation and demolition contractors; or

d) Owners/operators of quarries and batching plants; or

e) Building and finishing contractors.

Eligible costs:

1. Cash grant covering up to 40% of costs

Replacement of construction machinery manufactured prior to 2015 with new machinery / equipment that will result in a reduction in harmful emissions –

Additional support of up to:

a) 20% if the machinery/equipment is powered by an electric engine (battery);


b) 10% if the machinery/equipment is powered by a hybrid engine

2. Cash grant covering up to 40% of costs –

Procurement of new machinery / equipment used exclusively to reduce harmful emissions generated by construction activities.

3. Cash grant covering of up to 25% –

Replacement of construction machinery /equipment that was manufactured prior to 2015, with second hand machinery /equipment which will result in a reduction in harmful emissions, provided that such equipment:

a) Has been manufactured after 2016; and

b) Has not been previously used in Malta; and

c) Is certified to meet the original environmental parameters as manufactured by a certified engineer.

Application Process:

Scheme will commence in December 2020 until 31st May 2021.

Submission of application form prior to purchasing of machinery / equipment

Application will be available on the Malta Enterprise website in the coming weeks and will need to be submitted through the Corporation’s client portal.

Applications will be processed on first-come first-served basis until budget allocated for this measure is fully utilised.

Claim Submission:

Undertakings shall claim the eligible costs as approved by the Corporation.

Claims must be supported with appropriate fiscal documentation and proof of payment.

A destruction certificate as proof that the old equipment / machinery has been scrapped must be presented.

Equipment must be maintained operational by the beneficiary for at least 3 years from date commissioned.


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