Wage Supplement — July – December

Wage Supplement — July – December

Performing artists to get full wage supplement, backdated from November

Employees, self-employed and companies in the performing arts industry that are currently receiving a Wage Supplement, will be receiving the full wage supplement (Annex A) backdated from November.


Since the lifting of restrictions in June 2020, performing artists were allocated a wage supplement under Annex C (€600 per month). With this decision, sector NACE 90.01 Performing Arts, will fall under Annex A.


This means that the sector will now be entitled to the €800 per month as well. The wage supplement will be given in arrears, from the beginning of November.


NACE 90.01 includes: – i. production of live theatrical presentations, concerts and opera or dance productions and other stage productions; ii. activities of groups, circuses or companies, orchestras or bands; iii. activities of individual artists such as actors, dancers, musicians, lecturers or speakers.


This class excludes: – activities of personal theatrical or artistic agents or agencies.

UPDATED: Malta Enterprise has issued a revised list of NACE code categories – ANNEX A, ANNEX B, ANNEX C.



As from July 2020 the wage supplement parameters are being adjusted to continue supporting the hardest hit sectors and provide a tapering of aid to all other activities during this regeneration period.



As of July 2020 the benefit of €800 for full-timers and up to €500 for part-timers will be maintained in areas involved with tourist accommodation, travel agencies, language schools, event organisation and air transport.



Employers and self-employed who were being assisted under the partial Supplement (Annex B) will retain this aid until September.
Personal services and other related activities will from July 2020 benefit from the partial supplement (Annex B).
Full time employees under this category will be entitled to €160 per month. Part-time employees will be eligible to €100 per month.



Other activities previously supported by the Wage Supplement not included in the updated Annex A or Annex B will from July 2020 be assisted with a wage supplement of €600 for Full timers and up to €375 for Part Timers.



As from July, previously ineligible pensioners and students duly registered as employed with JobsPlus since the 9th of March, may now also be considered for the Wage supplement. These individuals may be added via a specific link in the update email that Malta Enterprise will send to current beneficiaries for July.

Annexes below may be updated periodically. These were last updated on 1st July 2020:

Annex A
Annex B
Annex C

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